How music can rescue this weird summer

We’re having a bit of a strange time in the UK right now. Patches of dazzling sunshine punctuate torrential rain and bracing breezes. On your Teams call to your colleague who lives just the other side of town, they can barely see you as you’re bleached out by sunlight, while you can barely hear them over the rumbling thunder and downpour. It’s a constant toss-up between booking the beer garden or the basement, and no one’s ever quite sure which shoes to wear.

It won’t surprise you to learn that, at Vivamus, we have some very simple advice for getting through the bewildering uncertainty of it all: use music.

Get yourself to the sea (in your mind)

With damp UK coasts and heatwaves scorching Europe, the prospect of heading to an actual beach right now may seem a little less than appealing. So, why not get beach vibes from your song playlist instead?

From summery pop bangers by The Beach Boys, The Kinks and The Beatles, through to heady classical pieces like Elgar’s Sea Pictures and Debussy’s La Mer, all you need to do is listen and close your eyes. Before long, you’ll find yourself by the shimmering sapphire seas.

Embrace the uncertainty – and the open air

Ever been unsure about an open-air event because it might rain?

Well… who cares? There are so many incredible concerts, plays, and other performances on offer under the UK’s tumultuous skies. In London, venues like Somerset House and The Globe boast tons of such events over the summer, while all over the country there are countless amazing venues, festivals, and parks.

Yes, you may get rained on. But for the community and artistic expression you’re guaranteed to experience, isn’t it worth it? A light raincoat with a hood could be the only thing you need to enjoy summer the way it was always supposed to be enjoyed, erratic weather notwithstanding.

Go to Evensong

After an exhausting day of extremes, all you want to do is sit back, relax, and give your mind space for contemplation. Evensong is the perfect opportunity for this.

You may wish to join Vivamus for Evensong at St Albans Cathedral on the 26th and 27th of August 2023. We can guarantee it’ll be a beautiful, serene way to help close out August – and get you in just the right mindset to prepare for whatever on earth September has to offer.

Post written by Swéta Rana.

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