May 13th 2023: What will you do?

Sometimes in life, we’re faced with a choice. A or B, left or right, stay or go. The choice might be an incredibly difficult one – it might need hours, days, weeks of contemplation before you can make your final decision. So many factors to mull over, so many pros and cons to weigh up.

We’re arriving at one of those times: a time to make a choice. On May 13th this year, you will have a choice. You can come to Vivamus’ magnificent spring concert – and on the face of it, that seems like a pretty obvious way forward.

But then again, it turns out it’s also the final of the Eurovision Song Contest that night. Who knew, eh?

So suddenly, you have to make a choice. Which will it be?

On 13th May, you can come to hear beautiful music, carefully curated and sung with love by passionate singers. Or you can hear paint-by-numbers compositions, manufactured to win a contest, where the melodies and harmonies can barely be discerned among the white noise of the crowd.

On 13th May, you can come to St James’s Piccadilly and admire its grand halls, its hallowed history, its aura of joyful contemplation. Or you can crowd around a TV, try to get a decent view, fiddle with the volume so it’s not too loud or too quiet, miss a crucial cadence to Graham Norton’s sardonic commentary.

On 13th May, you can witness a truly unique performance, where you can live and breathe the music right as it comes to life. Or, much like any other night, you can watch some hijinks on TV – which, frankly, will be recorded and available to watch for the rest of time, any time, anyway.

On second thoughts, all things considered, perhaps there’s not much of a choice to make on 13th May after all. On 13th May, we look forward to seeing you at St James’s Piccadilly.

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Post written by Swéta Rana.

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