The magic of Christmas concerts

There’s just something about Christmas music.

Don’t me wrong. Christmas is full of so many things to enjoy, besides music. There’s the amazing food and drink – it’s the only time of year you can get away with drinking prosecco and eating cheese all day, and no one will judge. There’s the comfortingly familiar entertainment, from The Snowman and Home Alone and near-constant Harry Potter films on TV, to pantomimes and the Nutcracker performances if you’re brave enough to face the cold outside. There’s the bank holidays, and time off work to relax and recharge. There’s the picturesque, perhaps even snow-blanketed, quiet and peaceful streets. There’s the joy of gifts, both receiving your next new favourite possession and watching a loved one’s expression as they open theirs.

Of course, at its heart, Christmas is all about love and community, and spending time with others. Above all else, this is the meaning of the season. Perhaps that’s why there’s just something about Christmas music?

Music brings a certain, unique quality to Christmas that nothing else can. Christmas concerts are so unlike anything else we enjoy in the festive period. Huddling in a church or a hall with fellow audience members and becoming united by the music is an entirely special experience – no other concert is quite like it. From rousing carols exemplifying community and revelry, to hushed and contemplative pieces on the importance of love, faith, and togetherness, a Christmas concert has something for everyone, whether you’re religious or not. For an hour or two, a Christmas carol transports us all to a transcendent understanding of what the season is really all about.

For me, Christmas isn’t really complete without a concert to welcome in the season. So I hope you’re able to get to a Christmas concert this year, because what’s Christmas without the transportive excitement and emotion of music?

If you’re free the evening of Thursday 15 December, we warmly welcome you to come along to Vivamus’ very own celebration of the festive season. Book tickets for our Christmas concert.

Post written by Swéta Rana.

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