Our resolutions for 2023

The New Year is traditionally a time for making plans and looking ahead. After our Annual General Meeting on 5 January, Vivamus is feeling pretty positive about the next twelve months. We’re focusing on a few key things.

Remember – and repeat – the good times

Looking forward doesn’t mean we should abandon fond memories. 2022 was a wonderful year for Vivamus, with a triumphant return to concerts after the turmoil of the COVID pandemic. We sang an expansive repertoire and welcomed many new members – these are all things we want to keep on doing in 2023.

Be ambitious about the future

At Vivamus, we’re not the types to get complacent. Yes, things are good – but that doesn’t mean they can’t become even better. In 2023 we hope to deliver our very best concerts yet, with exciting programmes at glorious venues planned. We want as many people as possible to attend our concerts, and we want to welcome more excellent new members.

Keep on communicating

Our Annual General Meeting was just one example of Vivamus’ community spirit. We heard so many innovative ideas among the discussions, from music suggestions to outreach opportunities. Every single member of Vivamus is valued both for their singing and for their thoughtful contributions; that’s a huge part of why we’re going from strength to strength. In 2023, we intend to keep the conversations flowing.

Sing, sing, sing!

In sun or in rain, at home or far away, in times of success or trepidation, we’re all united by one thing in Vivamus: our love of singing. We’re all fueled by its cathartic power. Singing uplifts us, it unburdens us, it unites us. When we come together to sing, to express a depth and breadth of emotion mere spoken words can’t convey, we’re reborn. Every single week, we’re reborn. In 2023, no matter what else happens, we will keep on singing.

Post written by Swéta Rana.

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