The post-concert comedown

What is this feeling? This feeling of numbness, of vague and vacant loss? Mere days ago, on the evening of Saturday 13th May 2023, we were riding a dizzying high. In the surroundings of the magnificent St James’s Piccadilly, Vivamus and The Hanover Band performed a blistering rendition of Handel’s Zadok the Priest. It feltContinue reading “The post-concert comedown”

Programme: Faire is the Heaven

Saturday 13 May 2023 Vivamus presents English music from the 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st centuries, including a London premiere. In the week following the Coronation of King Charles III, the concert opens with Handel’s most-celebrated coronation anthem Zadok the Priest, and includes works by William Harris, Henry Purcell and John Tavener, as well asContinue reading “Programme: Faire is the Heaven”

The Hanover Band Q&A with Julia Black (baroque violin)

At Vivamus, we’re incredibly excited to be collaborating with The Hanover Band to bring you our spring baroque concert. Founded by Caroline Brown in 1980, The Hanover Band is widely regarded as one of Britain’s leading period instrument orchestras. We’re delighted their masterful sounds will be part of our spring concert. To find out moreContinue reading “The Hanover Band Q&A with Julia Black (baroque violin)”

Can choirs do remote rehearsals online?

One of the great things about being in a choir is the community aspect. In Vivamus, Thursday evenings are dedicated to singing together. Our harmonies and collective voice are more than music: they’re an expression of unity. Especially after the isolation of the pandemic lockdowns, going to choir – being part of a wider groupContinue reading “Can choirs do remote rehearsals online?”

An ode to St Cecilia

We’re delighted to be performing Purcell’s Hail! Bright Cecilia at our Baroque concert in May. The piece explores the versatility and power of many different voices and instruments, and veers from the playful to the dramatic. Composing such an effective piece surely required incredible inspiration. So who was bright Cecilia? St Cecilia was a RomanContinue reading “An ode to St Cecilia”

How to pass a choir audition

Are you thinking of joining a choir? Nervous about the audition process? Here, we demystify chamber choir auditions and explain how to maximise your chances of success. Do your research Choirs are very different: in size, in repertoire, in setting and in style. Do you want to sing intimate classical pieces, or belt out bigContinue reading “How to pass a choir audition”

Singer Q&A with Kieran Morgan (bass)

Bass singer Kieran talks to us about his experiences of Vivamus. What was your singing life like before joining Vivamus? I’d been singing since primary school, pausing only when I lived abroad for a year or for work reasons. I got the basic choral experience you’d get from doing that, and I’d sung under goodContinue reading “Singer Q&A with Kieran Morgan (bass)”

2022: A year to remember

It’s not been an easy year for any of us. Economic hardship, political turmoil, international conflict, a climate causing weather that’s been alarming in its extremes, billionaires running amok on social media power trips. Some of us have been more fortunate than others, and many of us are so grateful for what we have –Continue reading “2022: A year to remember”